Judicial ENF: female felons are being punished in the nude

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Today sees a return to a subject close to the heart of Your Humble Blogger in the form of nudity being imposed on female criminals as they are subjected to judicial ENF. These scenes are taken from the 1994 film A Chinese Torture Chamber Story (which also features in this post). We are treated to the sight of no less than three instances of wicked girls who have transgressed the rules of civilised society and are partially or completely undressed before being subjected to corporal punishment for their crimes. The first involves a girl being made to submit to a bare bottom spanking in the courtroom to teach her the error of her ways. In the second a woman is made to strip completely naked and then roll around on a bed of nails under the watchful gaze of a bunch of law enforcement guys but it is in the final scene that oriental ingenuity really comes to the fore when the wrongdoer is made to ride through the town on a fiendish device which can probably best be described as a cocking horse with her tits on display while she is pelted with an assortment of fruit and vegetables by the assembled citizenry. You just have to love that squelchy sound effect when she is made to assume the position. Quite why such public displays of judicial ENF are not an integral part of modern law enforcement is really beyond my comprehension. An effective deterrent to female law breakers and wholesome public entertainment all rolled into one: what’s not to like?

spanked in court
There should be more of this sort of thing in court.
judicial ENF
A ride on the Cocking Horse.


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  1. Great find, just love judicial ENF punishments. I have read about the cockhorse naked punishment.The female subjected to this punishment usually died from internal injuries.

    • That seems a bit harsh. I now have a mental image of an ancient Chinese Michael Caine exclaiming “I only told you to show the bloody whores off”.