Jeannie Bell topless kung fu scene from TNT Jackson

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There can be little doubt that the 1970s was a golden age when it came to ENF and EUF scenes in films and television and here is yet another example from that happy time. This scene is taken from the 1974 chop socky schlockfest TNT Jackson and features Jeannie Bell topless in martial arts action. The intrepid heroine has fallen into the clutches of a group of bad guys who have decided to interrogate her by ripping her blouse open and menacing her tits with a lit cigar. In so doing they make the classic mistake of getting distracted by her bared boobies, thereby giving TNT the chance to break free and unleash her devastating 1970s disco kung fu powers. Such is her mastery of the martial arts that in the course of this astounding Jeannie Bell topless display of fighting prowess she even manages to change her panties (not once but twice) while airborne without missing a beat (which occurs at around the 1:20 mark). I’m pretty sure that even the legendary Bruce Lee never so much as attempted to change his undies mid way through a fight scene. Truly Jeannie Bell was an unparalleled mistress of the martial arts. (Either that or there was an almighty cock up on the continuity front).


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