Japanese whipping of a nude bound girl by her sadistic master

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There are those who prize gold and others who crave jewels but in the opinion of Your Humble Blogger an alluring submissive is a treasure beyond compare. Take the ravishing creature in this Japanese whipping video for example. Is she not utterly exquisite? Her squeals and screams as the punishment is piled on will be music to the ears of any dominant while those of a more submissive nature will doubtless feel a pang of envy, wishing that they were in her place. As the scene progresses her uncontrollable adrenalin induced shaking clearly conveys that she has been transported to masochistic nirvana: I suspect that she won’t be coming down from this high for hours. For the great irony that underlies all BDSM is that the master or mistress is bound by the wishes of the slave; after all, no one has ever heard of a dominant having a safe word. The chap in this video clearly knows what he is about, being equally adept with a variety of corrective implements while never failing for a moment to be scrupulously attentive to the needs of his slave. He certainly is a very lucky fellow to have such a sublime specimen all to himself and I must confess to feeling more than a little envious of him. Indeed, having watched a fair number of Japanese whipping videos over the years I find they have a certain quality rarely found elsewhere and if you enjoyed this example take comfort in the fact that it will certainly not be the last of its kind to appear on this site.


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