Japanese titslapping video with big boobs being tormented

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A few years back there was a real vogue in Japanese AV for tit torment videos involving girls with big boobs being subjected to all sorts of mammary based mistreatment. Sadly for fans of slapped baps such things seem to have vanished from the web in recent times although whether this is because our comrades in Japan have stopped making them or whether they are no longer making their way to the West I couldn’t say. Anyway, for all you fans of Japanese titslapping who have been left as bereft as myself by the absence of such goodness here is a video from the personal archive of Your Humble Blogger which should raise your spirits and stimulate your ENF glands. It is clear that the Japanese titslapping community enjoy seeing very well endowed babes having their boobies beaten and the girl in this video has indeed been blessed with a pair of huge hooters although in this instance the guy mistreating them takes more of a twisting and squeezing approach, only launching into a full on bap slapping attack towards the end of the piece (for that matter he is quite a tease about fully revealing them) but I think that this is nonetheless a fine example of the tit torment genre which should bring joy to all fans of boob bashing fun.


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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