Humiliated wrestling girl being displayed naked to the crowd

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It seems to have been a while since I brought you any CFNF Wrestling League action so here is the latest depiction of bodacious wrestling babes in a full on strip fighting frenzy for your viewing pleasure. Seeing as I have previously featured a masked wrestler whose defeat has lead to her being not merely unmasked but completely undressed in this post I thought it might be fun to show the flip side of the coin with a victorious masked mauler who has won her bout and is triumphantly displaying her defeated and naked adversary to the cheering crowd. I think the juxtaposition of the nude, helpless and humiliated wrestling girl and her clothed nemesis is really emphasised by the fact that even the face of the winner is hidden from view while the loser is unable to hide anything of herself from the laughing spectators as she is held aloft for public mockery. The crowd certainly seem to be very much enjoying the show and it is my earnest hope that fans of girl girl strip wrestling will enjoy it too. Also I will try not to leave it quite so long before bringing you another enthralling match from The CFNF Wrestling League when you can see another humiliated wrestling babe stripped stark naked for a baying crowd.

naked humiliated wrestling girl
Victory doesn’t get much more comprehensive than this.


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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  1. I loved the cheering crowd, their shock and delight, laughing and recording. Good idea using the mask for extra contrast, the underwear strewn about is also a nice touch and her nipples high in the air helps draw attention to the naked state