Halloween ENF when a girl falls victim to magic mind control

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Seeing how the month of October is drawing on as we approach the spooky night of All Hallow’s Eve now seems the right time to post this video of some Halloween ENF shenanigans from the highly innovative Ludella Hahn. I always enjoy her ENF scenarios and this is one of my all time favourites. The unsuspecting Ludella answers the door expecting to see a bunch of kids out trick or treating but instead finds herself confronted by a lone male adult. When she treats him with contempt he unleashes a trick in the form of some genuine magical powers which he uses to control her mind so that, with no will of her own, she invites him into the house. Once out of public view the mesmerised female is made to demean herself for his perverted pleasure. I especially like the part where she becomes an obedient petgirl but she is forced to humiliate herself in so many ways during her Halloween ENF ordeal that there is sure to be at least one cameo to please all tastes among fans of the embarrassed nude females genre. This video gives us all a glimpse of just how much fun the ENF community would be able to have if only we could find some way to gain supernatural powers. But until such times as we might discover a magic genie summoning lamp in a bric-a-brac store or stumble upon an ENF wish granting leprechaun in the undergrowth we can at least enjoy watching Ludella’s humiliation and dream of what might be.


Join me in the Fnarf side.


4 Responses

  1. Nice outfit and perfect body to fill it. I would love to play with that pair of boobs. Also, that is how a bush must look like. Its a shame that she didn’t play with it a little.

  2. Ludella Hahn is one smoking hot redhead. And the nuder she gets, the hotter she is. The perfect ending would have been for Ludella to be led outside away from her house (and clothes, of course) before being released from his spell.

    More Ludella (or should I say, Nudella) please!

    • Some climactic public nudity would have been the icing on the cake but I still think it’s a fine mind control ENF scene even without that treat. Rest assured there will be more Ludella posts in future.