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Well I don’t know about the rest of you but I can never get enough of girl girl spankings. Why there isn’t at least one CFNF spanking channel on mainstream television is completely beyond my comprehension. The viewing figures would be phenomenal; broadcasters must be missing out on an absolute fortune in advertising revenue on account of this oversight. I firmly believe that the sooner society stops oppressing the ENF community and adopts our enlightened world view the better it will be for everyone. Imagine a world without war where all international conflicts are settled by girl girl strip fights. Isn’t that something worth striving for? I certainly think so but then again I must admit to a certain bias in these matters. But before dismissing such ideas out of hand I urge the cynics among you to take the time to peruse this gallery of girl girl spankings. Perhaps it will open your eyes to a bright new world of infinite possibilities and even if not it will hopefully put a smile on your face. Even if you were already a devotee of all things CFNF it surely does no harm to check that you were not beginning to lose interest (like that was ever going to happen).

ff spanking gif 03
cfnf paddling 01
girl girl spankings 06
vintage cfnf punishment 01
girl girl spankings 05
girl girl spankings 04
ff spanking gif 02
girl girl spankings 03
girl girl spankings 02
ff spanking gif 01
freshly smacked bottoms 01
girl girl spankings 01


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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  1. Someone needs to inform these spankers that the first rule of spanking is to make the spankee strip completely nude before she receives her humiliations.

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