German titslapping: a fräulein’s funbags warmed to a rosy red

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Here is a useful video for anyone out there who is starting a course in basic German. It features a very helpful German fellow who will assist you in memorising how to count in that language with the help of a nude girl. For each number she says he gives one of her boobs a good swat in an admirably efficient display of German titslapping. At this point I think it is only right to admit that despite watching this video repeatedly I have not become one iota more proficient at counting in German. Unfortunately the sight of that delicious damsel’s pale little titties swiftly developing a warm rosy glow as the slaps rain down upon them is far too distracting. Also the entrancing sound of a slapped titty only serves to drive the counting even further from my mind. I have often wondered whether boobs of different shapes and sizes make subtly different sounds when slapped (and whether it might therefore be possible to compose a slapped baps symphony). Clearly there is an urgent need for research to be carried out in this area. Had I attained a doctorate in Mad Science I would be conducting detailed titslapping experiments at this very moment. Ironically the fact that I am so easily distracted by boobs that I cannot even manage basic arithmetic in a foreign language if there are unfettered funbags on display means I am unlikely to ever pursue my dream career in the Mad Sciences. However, I have decided to present this German titslapping video in the hope it will act as a spur to academic excellence for readers of this blog.


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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