Forced stripping scenes from the 1972 film The Abductors

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Those of you who enjoy watching videos of girls being made to strip at gunpoint might think Christmas has come a little early this year. Hot on the heals of this post which features that very thing today you are being treated to the joyous sight of not just one but three girls in two forced stripping scenes, the first of which involves some firearms based enforced nudity while the second clip shows the job being completed when the girls are made to remove their knickers by Mr Big. These clips are taken from the 1972 film The Abductors, the sequel to Ginger which once again stars Cheri Caffaro as the titular heroine and features a whole lot more gratuitous female nudity. You can see a clothes ripping catfight scene from the first movie in this post. Quite apart from the forced stripping scenes I also very much enjoy the fact that the bad guys (the titular Abductors), having forced the girls to strip, make sure that they are unable to get dressed again by burning their clothes. The resulting massive fireball does seem to be taking clothes destruction to the extreme but I say if a job is worth doing then it’s worth doing well and it makes a nice change to see some keen and competent henchmen for once. You will also be pleased to know that in this film, as in its predecessor, the super sleuth heroine Ginger McAllister repeatedly finds herself naked in the course of bringing the bad guys to justice. What’s not to like?


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