Flogged pussies time for naughty girls requiring chastisement

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Here is another posse of misbehaved females paying the price for their misdeeds. Clearly this bunch have really overstepped the mark as they are being made to endure the dire sanction of being stripped naked before being subjected to a sound flogging on their unprotected vaginas. In most cases they have been placed in restraints to prevent them from wriggling around too much in an attempt to escape their fate although a couple of brave girls have decided to tough it out and take their punishment voluntarily which is much to their credit. Perhaps they thought their chastisers would be more lenient if they cooperated and perhaps they were correct in that assumption although, then again, maybe they were not. In any event there is something quite mesmerising about the sight of those flogged pussies wobbling about under the onslaught: I could quite happily watch them all day. Wouldn’t it be great if, after a long day at work, we could settle down the watch The Flogged Pussies Show on prime time television? But then I suppose I am expressing yet another wildly unrealistic aspiration although I suspect it is one shared by many other members of the ENF community. Well, we can all dream I guess.

ouchy 01
flogged pussies 01
flogged pussies 02
ouchy 02
ouchy 03
flogged pussies 03
flogged pussies 04
flogged pussies 05
ouchy 05
ouchy 06


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