Exposed nopan girls cowering in shame at their plight

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Something that I have wondered about from time to time is whether the nopan phenomenon is as prevalent in real life as it is in manga and anime. While one would probably think that in the world of manga where the imaginations of the artists are allowed free rein there would clearly be a much higher incidence of girls going around without any knickers than would ever be the case in reality there is always the possibility that the lack of panties so often seen in ecchi depictions could actually be something of an understatement of the real situation. For all I know it may be that whenever I am out and about in public I am, in fact, surrounded on all sides by girls whose lower lips are exposed to the open air unknown to passers by. Perhaps the real difference between manga and real life is that the sort of embarrassing mishaps befalling the exposed nopan girls in this gallery simply fail to transpire anywhere near as often as we would all like. That is not to say that we don’t fantasise about such shameful mishaps befalling the horde of naughty nopan ninjas who may, or may not, be moving among us all the time. Whatever the truth of the matter it is to be hoped that this selection of exposed nopan girls will serve to stimulate your ENF imagination (which can only be a good thing).

exposed nopan girl 01
exposed nopan girl 02
exposed nopan girl 03
exposed nopan girl 04
exposed nopan girl 05
exposed nopan girl 06
no knickers 01
no knickers 02
no knickers 03
no knickers 05
no knickers 04
no knickers 06


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