EUF superheroine being stripped and humiliated by a monster

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If you enjoy a spot of staggeringly silly superheroine shenanigans then today is your lucky day as this post features another video from the Giga Heroine studio in which an EUF superheroine is defeated and disgraced when a monster takes advantage of her weakened state to expose her titties. I just love the whole JAV heroine in peril genre and this is a particularly fine example which makes up for not having the heroine stripped completely naked with some truly wall to wall daftness. Having spent my formative years watching plenty of Godzilla and Ultraman type entertainment I have always been impressed by some of the spectacularly silly monsters on offer in the Land of the Rising Sun and the one in this video really pushes the envelope even by JAV standards, greatly adding to the comedic value of the hapless EUF superheroine being defeated by a relentless barrage of attacks aimed at her boobs and crotch. The fact that the belligerent behemoth can even morph its limbs into crotch and boob bashing weapons of mass destruction only adds to the fun. This video certainly makes me giggle every time I watch it and I very much hope it will do the same for you. If you would prefer to see a defeated heroine being subjected to a sustained attack on her girl parts while she is naked and tied up then you should check out this post.


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