ENF witches losing their clothes in various occult catastrophes

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As another year rolls around we find ourselves once more ushering in Halloween, that special time of year when we turn the lights out and pretend not to be at home until all the trick or treaters bugger off (or maybe that’s only the drill for miserable sods like me). Anyhow, whether you are the sort who gleefully enters into the spirit of the ocassion or you are of a more curmudgeonly cast here is a post to bring some ENF cheer to the Eve of All Hallows. Who among us does not delight in the sight of an unfortunate female who suddenly finds herself nude and embarrassed on account of some supernatural shenanigans? Taking it as read that everyone enjoys such spectacles (well, everyone who visits a site called ENFdaily at least) here for your delectation is a bevy of misfortunate ENF witches cringing in shame as they lose their clothes. My own particular favourite is the hapless hex whose huge hooters are so impressively bouncing into view as they are exposed by a pair of spectral hands, although of course you will all have your own preferred scene of embarrassing magical mayhem from this bevy of ENF witches. I feel that all ENF fans are sure to agree that this is the true spirit of Halloween.

magical EUF 04
ENF witches 05
magical EUF 03
ENF witches 04
ENF witches 03
magical EUF 02
ENF witches 02
ENF witches 01
magical EUF 01


Join me in the Fnarf side.


2 Responses

  1. I hope you had a Happy Halloween and what a festive ENF selection.

    My fav is the third, the blond with collapsing bikini/underwear, lovely covering

    • Thanks mackaie, number three is quite entrancing: discombobulated babes in the classic ENF pose are always a joy to behold. It is a bit disappointing that Titty Treat has not become an overnight Halloween tradition but I suppose I will just have to be patient.