ENF prison hosing scene: nude girls vs fire hose

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This is clearly how female criminals should be dealt with: a punishment regime involving a large dose of naked embarrassment. In this correctional institution the authorities have decided to up the ante by giving the inmates an ENF prison hosing for good measure. Being a guard in this prison certainly seems to be a job with benefits: just imagine a working day that involved getting to open up on a bunch of naked women with a fire hose. What a rush, right? While I recall that this is a scene from a film called Caged Women there are rather confusingly at least three films with that name; one each from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Which is the correct one I couldn’t say but you would think any film with the title Caged Women would contain no small amount of gratuitous female nudity and perhaps more than one of them has an ENF prison hosing scene. In fact the Women in Prison (WiP) exploitation sub genre is a plentiful source of ENF material which I seem to have rather under represented to date; a situation I shall strive to rectify in future posts. After all, you can never have too many naughty naked girls being punished.

ENF prison hosing 01
ENF prison hosing 02
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