ENF madness with a deranged girl repeatedly exposing herself

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ENF can manifest itself in a dizzying array of ways and here is one of the more eccentric scenes from the world of ENF cinema as a girl seemingly falls victim to an outbreak of ENF madness, leading her to expose herself to everyone in sight. This clip is taken from the 1976 German sex comedy film Schulmädchen-Report 10. Teil – Irgendwann fängt jede an (Schoolgirl Report 10: Every Girl Starts Sometime), one of a series of Report films made in the 70s, each of which is a series of cameos on the subject of saucy shenanigans. In this section of the film sex starved teenager Seffi (portrayed by Alexandra Bogojevic) hatches a plan to feign demonic possession while visiting her aunt and uncle so that her boyfriend, disguised as a priest, can turn up as if sent by heaven to give her a good hard exorcism in the privacy of her bedroom. The result is an impressive comedic performance by all concerned but especially by Alexandra as she leaps about, ripping off her underwear and flashing at her bewildered relatives while apparently in the grip some sort of hellish ENF madness. While the film in general is well worth a watch this scene really stands out for me, presenting as it does a perfect blend of comedy and sauciness. More scenes from this series will grace the site in future posts.


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