Dissolving clothes ENF for anime girls attacked by evil slime

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Today’s post brings you another helping of spooky ENF with a clip from the 2012 anime series High School DxD (which, ENF fans will be pleased to know, is endowed with plenty of bared bouncing ecchi boobies). In this scene Issei, a dim witted and over sexed high school student who has been killed and then resurrected as a devil is on a mission with his fellow devils in the Occult Research Club to find a familiar deep in a spooky forest. While his fellow novice devil Asia has found her familiar Issei is still searching when the group comes under attack from some slime. It quickly becomes clear that this slime is intent on causing some clothes dissolving ENF mischief as it homes in on the female members of the party and sets about making their clothes melt away to nothing. Not only does it disintegrate the girl’s garments it also binds their hands so that they are unable to cover themselves. Issei at once concludes that he has found his familiar which I’m sure all ENF fans will agree is a perfectly understandable reaction. Given the opportunity to have a familiar which, once summoned, would clasp hapless females in its dissolving clothes ENF inducing embrace to leave them naked and restrained while they helplessly squirmed in mortification I would happily sign any diabolical pact presented to me on the instant. Surely an eternity of damnation would be a trifling price to pay in return for such an awesome supernatural power.


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