Dancing nude in public: a saucy babe entertains the crowds

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There’s nothing quite like the sight of a good looking girl on display in public while she is completely naked. Of course as ENF fans we like it even more if the female in question is consumed with shame at the situation in which she finds herself. Exhibitionist babes showing off their bodies in public places are still great fun but without an element of embarrassment they just don’t have quite the same sort of impact. I have found a useful trick in such circumstances is to imagine that the girl in question has been hypnotised into performing lewd and lascivious acts in public places and that a mere snap of the fingers by the ENF loving Svengali who has been controlling her will dispel the mesmerism to leave the suddenly lucid victim squirming with shame as the terrible truth dawns on her. If you prefer a more fantastical scenario you could imagine that she has been placed under some sort of enchantment or has fallen victim to ENF crazed aliens with mind control rays. Take, for example, this video of a girl dancing nude on the streets of Paris. She is an enchanting sight for sure but the thought that she is hypnotised and that she might at any moment become aware of her disgrace and collapse to the ground consumed with embarrassment certainly adds some spice to proceedings. I would urge you to give this a try with all sorts of public female nakedness whether it’s a girl dancing nude like this one, a streaker or a babe out for a stroll in her birthday suit and I think you will find that it perks up your ENF gland a treat.


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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  1. Interesting the number of passers by, boat passengers etc taking no notice of the naked dancer. Obviously not the UK were the police would be there straight away even though public nudity is not illegal.Lovely natural hairy muff .

    • Perhaps that sort of thing goes on all the time in Paris. In the UK it seems police officers makes a complaint (as an outraged member of the public) to themselves and then use that complaint to make an arrest for outraging public decency. There were quite a lot of those scenarios in the declining days of Nude in Public TV‘s UK operations. I recall there was political pressure from MPs who regarded the female form as some sort of unspeakable obscenity which must be hidden from view at all costs. Killjoys.

      • Our MPs are made up of little dicks. That’s why they like power, to compensate.The female members are no different, hardly good lookers.

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