CMNF vampire hypnotises a nude female to make her obey

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For those of us who spent our formative years watching old horror films on late night TV vampires conjure up images of aristocratic guys having a good suck on scantily clad babes with heaving bosoms. This CMNF vampire video takes things a step further when the slumbering female victim of the nocturnal prowler chooses to sleep completely naked. Which surely makes the supernatural intruder a very happy chap, or so you would imagine. Anyhow, he wastes no time hypnotising her (although quite how you hypnotise someone who is already asleep is bit beyond me) and luring her back to his evil lair. For some unknown reason the nude girl is suddenly wearing a pair of sparkly knickers which have magically appeared. I have seen a lot of vampire films and I don’t recall any vampire lore about sparkly knickers but I suppose vampires have their peccadillos like the rest of us so maybe that’s just what peels his undead banana. Next thing we know she turns from hunted to hunter as she stakes the perverted nocturne in his tomb. Much as I loved the classic TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer I feel it could have been greatly enhanced by the inclusion of some CMNF vampire action (and CFNF too for that matter). Had the titular heroine had gone about her slaying wearing nothing but a pair of glittering panties (assisted by the equally scantily clad Willow and Cordilia) I think that would have been a huge improvement. Perhaps we have that treat to look forward to in the reboot: here’s hoping.


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