CMNF tea party: a nude girl makes tea for two clothed men

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Innovation is always a good thing and it is particularly welcome when it comes to ENF related activities so I was overjoyed when I recently discovered a Hungarian site called which features rather a lot of that very thing. To demonstrate the point here are some clips from a video of a couple of chaps enjoying a CMNF tea party. In short, these two happy chaps get a naked girl to make them some tea by means of a couple of tea bags which are attached to her nipples with bulldog clips. I have it good authority that bulldog clips on the nips are seriously eye watering so already things are off to a promising start. Sadly for the girl in question she proves to be rather inept at making tea in this fashion and is subjected to the cruel and unusual punishment of having her vagina used as a candle snuffer which is certainly something I have never seen before. This persuades her to raise her game and she completes her tea making duties to the satisfaction of her masters who then decide they wish to be entertained while supping their beverages and command her to dance for them. It turns out she isn’t much of a dancer either so to gee her up the guys decide to give her a bit of a whipping. This doesn’t really do anything to improve her dancing skills but certainly adds to the entertainment value. I must admit, to my chagrin, that I have never attended a CMNF tea party but if this is anything like a fair representation then it is something that is very much going on my bucket list.

CMNF tea party in progress
Got milk?


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  1. Great find. Graias, Elite Pain and .mood are great sources of ENF. Elite Pains ‘Saving her cousin’ has forced nude dancing with toothed electrodes on her pussy with Dr Lomp shocking her pussy while she dances naked.

  2. I absolutely love forced nude dancing. It’s embarrassing enough to be forced to show her naked body, but to force her to move around and perform while everything is on display and she is already humiliated takes it to another level for me. I wish there were more videos of it (hopefully you find some more to share ;D). I’d imagine even if she were a good dancer, her embarrassment made it awkward for her, self-conscious about any of her exposed flesh jiggling about. I imagine most girls would forget how to dance when forced to do it completely naked, hahaha!

    This is perfect. I’m glad she doesn’t smile at all or look like she is enjoying this. At times she shows genuine faces of disgust and winces in pain. The hottest was her reaction to snuffing out the candle with her vagina. “Ow! Ow!”. LMAO.