CMNF puppy training session for an adorable Japanese petgirl

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Who’s a good girl? This adorable Japanese petgirl, that’s who. Surely this cute and pliant pet would melt even the most icy of hearts with her imploring eyes and winning ways. In this video her master has taken her out into the garden for a CMNF puppy training session so we must assume that her schooling in petgirl protocol is not yet complete. That said she is a most obedient and well mannered pet who has already learned to walk to heal, come by, fetch and beg along with her other impressive accomplishments. Could you doubt for a moment that if you were her proud owner she would bring untold joy to your life? You will note that although her master shows her lots of affection during this CMNF puppy training scenario he also makes sure that she is disciplined when necessary, keeping a riding crop to hand for that very purpose. A petgirl must always know who is the boss, even if she is as adorable as this enchanting creature, or else you may find yourself in the embarrassing situation of chasing your unruly pet around the park if she becomes over excited and runs amok, chasing after other petgirls and humping the legs of bemused bystanders. In my opinion the chap in this video sets a great example of how to balance discipline and kindness to produce a happy, healthy and well behaved pet.


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