CMNF medley: clothed men and nude girls in various settings

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A whole host of embarrassed nude females being ogled by very happy (and fully clothed) men in today’s CMNF medley gallery. If you like to see the ladies wearing not a stitch of clothing while the gentlemen quite rightly remain fully attired then this smorgasbord of bared babes should put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Not to mention that there is plenty of variety on show with pretty much every sub genre of the clothed male nude female experience catered for. Whether you are a petgirl fanatic, a bondage buff, forced stripping fan or an aficionado of public humiliation this selection has it covered (or rather, uncovered). I especially enjoyed the photo of the female streaker being ignominiously brought to ground by a posse of stewards. The irony of a girl who gets naked for a dare or because she is a thrill seeker and expects it all to be a fun adventure only to find herself bitterly regretting her impulsiveness when it all ends in ignominy has a special appeal all of its very own and I rather wish there was more material dedicated to it out on the Web, although perhaps I have missed out on a trove of such delights. Ho hum, back to yet more browsing of the internet’s highways and byways in search of undiscovered ENF gems for me then. While I’m busy with that I hope you will enjoy this CMNF medley.

petgirl walkies time
scifi forced stripping
ponygirl in the desert
cmnf medley 04
cmnf medley 06
two petgirls
nude female patient with clothed male doctor
nude girl tied up
cmnf medley 01
cmnf medley 02
cmnf medley 03
cmnf medley 05


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3 Responses

  1. I like the streaker photograph. I imagine that there was thousands of persons watching that busty girl running naked.

    I like also the last photo with the old man and the busty woman with a broom.

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