CMNF maledom with a naked slavegirl being soundly punished

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It is a truism that there just aren’t anywhere near enough naked slavegirls in the world. That is despite the fact that some girls really go the extra mile to set a great example to others as to how much joy nude slavegirls can bring to their masters and mistresses (and, of course, to the viewing public). Take the girl in this CMNF maledom video for instance. So pliant and demure (and so damned sexy too). She also demonstrates the stoical nature of a top rate slave as her master subjects her to a relatively mild cuntbusting session which would nonetheless become more and more painful with each successive kick and stomp. Nor does she overtly exhibit the joy which is doubtlessly coursing through her submissive system as the hurt and humiliation continue to mount. She even assumes the pliant pet position on all fours so her master can give her a few kicks from behind. In this position her dangling udders prove too tempting a target and are given a few kicks too. I find the sound of a kicked titty absolutely fascinating and can’t help but wish there were more videos of this sort of thing. To date I have been unable to find the full version of this very enjoyable CMNF maledom video but as and when I do be assured that I will share it (or news of it’s location) with all of you out there in ENF land.

cmnf maledom
She’s setting a great example.


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  1. It is nice to see ladys been punished on their bear bottoms they should rarther be naked for a caneing and be caned hard to leive very red whelds across their cheaks