CMNF larrupings for naughty girls stripped for spankings

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Is there no end to the legion of unspeakably iniquitous females in need of chastisement? Well from the looks of things the answer to that question is a resounding no. Here is yet another bevy of bad girls who have kicked over the traces and need a very firm hand to get them back in harness. What these misbehaved minxes deserve is to be on the sharp end of some severe CMNF larrupings which is precisely what they are getting. Jolly well serve them right, too. If it was not for an army of public spirited chaps giving up their valuable time to teach these mavericks a much needed lesson in obedience society would collapse into a state of chaos in no time. Happily all of these fellows are clearly well trained in the disciplinary arts as we can see from their mastery of a wide range of implements of correction with canes, paddles and straps being wielded with impressive expertise. And in a pinch they can improvise with any suitable object that comes to hand such as a nearby slipper or hairbrush. If this straggle of troublemakers thought they could escape the CMNF larrupings that their behaviour so clearly deserved then they were sorely mistaken. Very sorely indeed judging by those red stinging bottoms.

Amelia Jane Rutherford caned naked
bare bottom paddling 01
bare bottom caning 01
cmnf larrupings 01
cmnf larrupings 02
caned on the bare bum 01
cmnf larrupings 03
cmnf larrupings 04
cmnf larrupings 05
cmnf larrupings 06
cmnf larrupings 07
Kami Robertson naked hairbrush spanking
cmnf larrupings 08
bare bottom slipper spanking 01
Belinda Lawson nude spanking
cmnf larrupings 09
cmnf larrupings 10


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2 Responses

  1. Lovely….some of the girls look big enough and strong enough to overpower her chastiser which makes me question, who has the real power?.

    • Well, there you have hit upon the irony at the heart of all BDSM relationships. It is always the submissive who decides when enough is enough. I have never heard of a dominant having a safe word. Still, the fantasy that the forces of righteous justice cannot be denied is a pleasing one.