CMNF jiu jitsu: a nude girl is demonstrating her techniques

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Here is a novel approach to martial arts training which I think could well have would be students beating a path to the nearest dojo in droves. What we have here is a sexy sensei rocking up completely naked to demonstrate a range of CMNF Jiu Jitsu techniques with her fully clothed male training partner. It has been a fair number of years since Your Humble Blogger last trained in the arts of Ultraviolence but if this bodacious bared babe was to set up a martial arts school in my neighbourhood you can take it as read I would be there like a shot. In fact I reckon that even the most devout pacifists among you would be tempted to get to grips with this Jiu Jitsu babe. Even if not you just know you’d turn up to watch one of her demonstrations. Perhaps she is from a specialist female naked ninja clan; her unusual choice of attire would certainly prove distracting for any would be opponent and the lack of clothing means she could not be grabbed by it (although the temptation to try grabbing her boobs would be hard to resist). Imagine a martial arts school where all of the female students trained completely nude: a happy thought I’m sure you’ll agree. Maybe someone should start a petition to have CMNF Jiu Jitsu included as an Olympic sport: it’s got to be worth a try.

cmnf jiu jitsu 01
cmnf jiu jitsu 02
nude martial arts girl 01
nude martial arts girl 02


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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