CMNF jail: clothed male guards and nude female inmates

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Here is another glimpse into the Utopian future that awaits us after the ENF Liberation Front has seized control of society. In such a world female criminals would be made to atone for their crimes with mandatory nudity. This gallery depicts how that would play out for women sentenced to a spell in CMNF jail. They are really being made to rue their poor life choices when they are forced to serve out their sentences completely nude in a prison staffed by male guards all of whom are of course fully clothed. A number of these miscreants have also been placed in restraints just to further emphasise their utter helplessness and vulnerability. Small wonder that they all look suitably contrite. Rest assured that in the enlightened ENF society of the future the threat of a spell in CMNF jail will make potential female villains think twice about choosing a life of crime.

girl restrained in CMNF jail
nude female prisoner and clothed male guard
kami robertson CMNF prison scene
girl nude in jail
female prisoner handcuffed naked


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