CMNF from yesteryear: naked ladies and clothed gentlemen

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For those of you who enjoy old school depictions of the clothed male nude female genre here is a chance to join Your Humble Blogger for a trip down mammary lane as we savour this gallery of CMNF from yesteryear. There was a time when a fellow could feel that he was fully entitled to surround himself with a harem of naked females and these happy chaps are clearly exercising their privilege to the utmost. They all seem to be very much relishing the enviable situation in which they find themselves and I have no doubt that readers of this blog would be equally delighted if they could be transported to such a happy circumstance. I must say that the babe serving champagne to a delighted punter has been blessed with boobies so mouth watering that they would surely put anyone in a party mood. Also the lucky devil barely able to contain his glee at being in the company of no less than eight nude nubiles (I think he is old time actor and playboy Omar Sharif in his prime) certainly evokes a pang of jealousy in Your Humble Blogger. But whatever pictures from this selection set your ENF gland a-tingle I trust that you will all very much enjoy this gallery of CMNF from yesteryear.

furry frontage 01
prepared for punishment 01
cmnf from yesteryear 01
clothed male nude females 01
cmnf from yesteryear 02
omar sharif and his harem of nude girls
cmnf from yesteryear 03
cmnf from yesteryear 04
nude girl on a motorcycle
cmnf from yesteryear 05
naked barmaid
cmnf from yesteryear 06


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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