CMNF football practice match girls have to play while naked

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With the Olympics finally getting off to a long overdue start the mind of Your Humble Blogger naturally turns to the subject of naked babes engaged in sporting endeavours. It seems ironic that girls should spend so much time and effort honing their bodies to perfection only to compete in their chosen sports while wearing clothing. Just imagine the joyous sight of lithe, toned babes straining every sinew in pursuit of victory while completely nude. Just to give your imaginations a helping hand here are some video clips of a bunch of girls engaged in a CMNF football practice match when their male coaching staff make them strip stark naked. These bared soccer babes don’t seem to be entirely happy about it either, which may have something to do with the fact that the weather seems somewhat inclement for outdoor nudity (but, of course, that only adds to the fun for ENF lovers). It would have been better, in my opinion, if the girls had been given at least some sort of basic football training before the video shoot as it is abundantly clear that none of them have much idea of how to play the game but then perhaps I am something of a perfectionist in matters of naked women’s sports. In any event these CMNF football clips illustrate how the beautiful game could be rendered more beautiful yet. Can anyone doubt that if The CFNF Soccer League was a real thing it would become the most popular sporting franchise on the planet? But I suppose for now I shall just have to settle for watching the Olympics while my ENF imagination runs riot, although I very much doubt that I will be alone in that.

Women’s football the way it should be.


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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  1. So lovely to see naked young females who look like naked young females with nice bushes, natural boobs and not pierced and covered in tattoos like a brick layer. Pixy Lated the pixel Asian villain stayed away too as a bonus. Would loved to had done a nice piece of body painting and painted there football strips on them, then joined them in the team bath to scrub them clean. Ah one can ‘BUTT’ dream.