CFNF strip search of a prisoner by female prison staff

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I recently realised to my horror that despite uploading plenty of ENF goodness to the site over the last eighteen months or so that I seem to have skimped somewhat on the CFNF strip search front and given that the whole prison forced stripping scenario is something of a mainstay of the ENF genre I resolved at once to put right this glaring omission. This clip should make fans of law enforcement based forced female nudity more than happy as a new prisoner is not only made to strip completely naked by the female prison staff but also put in chains and subjected to some gratuitous groping for good measure. What’s not to like, right? I really enjoy the way that the warder and governor decide to take a lunch break and just go off and leave their charge manacled naked on the floor where absolutely anyone might just walk in on her while she is completely unable to cover her embarrassment. Ideally I would have preferred it if they had taken her outside and left her chained to a lamp post where passers by would be free to enjoy the shameful spectacle but I understand that AV producers are hampered by budgetary constraints and must concede that this is a video which should please all fans of CFNF strip search scenarios despite the small cast.


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