CFNF restraint: clothed women with their naked helpless prey

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Those dastardly dommes are at it again as they round up a fresh batch of hapless girls to be stripped stark naked and tied up in a new gallery of CFNF restraint photos. Writhe and struggle though they might these nude bound girls are helpless to escape whatever fiendish torments their captors have in store for them. Indeed in several cases whips, crops and other implements of excruciation are primed and ready to apply to bare and vulnerable female flesh. In one instance an impatient dominant babe has already seized her victim’s nipples in her vice like grip, ready to apply a squeal inducing twist to those most sensitive of extremities. It certainly looks very much as though these happy harpies are set to enjoy themselves to the max as they torment their naked and powerless prey in an orgy of CFNF restraint power play. I must confess to a fair degree of envy: there is nothing quite like having a naked submissive female securely bound to stimulate the ENF gland, and given that the bound babe will herself be consumed with excitement at the situation the resulting feedback loop of mounting exhilaration produces a rush with which few other joys can compare.

cropped and flogged
office bondage
two dommes one sub
cfnf restraint 01
cfnf restraint 02
cfnf restraint 03
whipped in the woods
cfnf restraint 04
cfnf reatraint 05
cfnf restraint 06
bound in boots
a game of twister
dominated babe


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  1. We see ENFs in every sort of restraint from ropes to chains but have not yet seen any naked females helpless and humiliated secured sat in the stocks or stood in the pillory for whatever indignity their punisher decides, whether it’s a good thrashing or WAM punishment.

    • I have stumbled upon a few examples of women in the stocks over the years but they certainly are a rarity. I shall see if I can scrape together enough material for a future post. Wet and Messy, on the other hand, used to be popular but has fallen from favour in recent times although I simply can’t imagine why.