CFNF lezdom as Nimue torments her nude slavegirl Pixie.

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Something of a treat today for all you CFNF lezdom fans with one of my all time favourite slave girls. In a sadly all too brief career Pixie was subjected to plenty of sound thrashings along with sundry other torments as well as doing a sideline in public flashing (at least until draconian government sanctions against public nudity put an abrupt halt to that sort of thing). In this clip from the Shadow Slaves studio she is being subjected to some punishment by the buxom Nimue who has had the foresight to ensure her slave is completely naked for her chastisement. As a keen proponent of innovation I very much enjoy seeing mundane items repurposed for BDSM functions and Nimue certainly makes great use of an insectocutor to torment her prey, paying plenty of sadistic attention to the nude girl’s most vulnerable areas, zapping her breasts and vagina without mercy. And when she is not electrocuting said areas she is giving them a good spanking. What a joy it is to see Pixie’s perky titties jiggling in response to those stinging slaps. This clip is slightly unusual in that Pixie submits to her punishment quite meekly whereas she usually projected a petulant and bratty persona in her submissive scenes which I always found enchanting. After all, who doesn’t enjoy seeing a petulant brat being punished and humiliated? Nonetheless this is still a fine example of CFNF lezdom which should please all fans of the genre.


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