CFNF hockey girl has to play naked for repeated bad conduct

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Here is another vision of a utopian world in which The ENF Liberation Front has seized control of society and ushered in a bright new age where embarrassed nude females are displayed in public as a matter of course. In this instance we have a depiction of CFNF sport where some ENF friendly amendments have been made to the rules so we can enjoy some CFNF hockey. The rule changes in question are broadly similar to those implemented in the CFNF Soccer League and here we can see what happens when a player has earned herself too many cards over the course of the season. In the case of field hockey there is a penalty points system with a green card adding two points to the tally, a yellow card five points while a red card would saddle the player in question with a number of points equivalent to the number of minutes remaining in the game when the card was shown. Once a player has racked up a total of thirty points she is obliged to play her next game naked (apart from specified protective equipment for goalkeeping duties; we wouldn’t want to be wantonly cruel after all). Well that is just what this unsporting girl has gone and done which she is no doubt now bitterly regretting as she walks out onto the pitch to be the only one naked in a game of CFNF hockey. I think we can take it as read that the capacity crowd are all very much looking forward to the match.

CFNF hockey
This is what a hockey penalty ought to look like.


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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  1. Those rules seem more then fair and such careful consideration for the goalies, good to see hockey embracing the future

    Such vivid kit colours do draw attention to the lady whose colour seems rather more pale and rather more jiggly. With such a crowd, she is in for a mortifying afternoon to remind her to clean up her act