CFNF cricket when a player walks out to bat in the nude

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While looking back over the portfolio of ENF sport that has welled up from the fetid depths of my imagination over the years it suddenly occurred to me that there is a glaring omission from the collection; namely the noble pursuit of cricket. I am aware that many readers of this blog will be unfamiliar with what is admittedly one of the more arcane sports out there but hopefully a keen interest in all things ENF will keep you engaged. One way in which a player might gain an unfair advantage for her team is by the practice of ball doctoring which, despite the name, has nothing to do with vasectomies but rather involves a sneaky attempt to alter the condition of a cricket ball so that it will be more difficult to hit. A player in a women’s match has been caught cheating in this way and has been sentenced by the relevant authorities to participate in a game of CFNF cricket in which she is to be the only one naked. Hoping to postpone her embarrassment she has dropped to the last batting position in the team but, alas for her, there has been a batting collapse and she has been sent in to bat by her captain in the interests of the team. The crowd, having waited expectantly for this moment, erupted into a mighty cheer as she entered the field of play while every TV camera in the stadium zoomed in on the forlorn figure as she trudged despondently into public view. As she approached the wicket her trepidation mounted at seeing all the members of the opposing team gathering to greet her arrival with lewd comments and derisive laughter. At least as a batter she is allowed to wear protective equipment to partially cover her nudity but during the other team’s innings she must carry out her fielding duties completely naked with nowhere to hide while the spectators and viewing public enjoy her humiliation as the only one naked in a game of CFNF cricket.

CFNF cricket match
Cricket fans always enjoy seeing bouncers being unleashed.


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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  1. I would loved to had seen her bent over the stumps and given a severe public ENF paddling with the cricket bat. How about ENF golf punishment with the females pussy used as the target for a hole in ‘one’.

    • I have never seen a cricket bat used as a spanking implement (and I have searched high and low for such a thing). It does seem to be a glaring omission from the spanking arsenal.

  2. Loved the caption, gave me a chuckle

    Picture really gives that sense of rival team finding it hilarious and mocking the blushing batswoman. Story gives a good build up to her big and very revealing moment

  3. I have never seen a cricket match but with this rule I would give it a try.
    Great illustration as always.

    I would love to see your artistic vision on nude waterpolo or nude beach-volleyball. I imagine a busty girl jumping and her big melon going up following the impulse.

    • Those are certainly some interesting ideas. I think the water polo would have to take place in an aquarium rather than a pool so the spectators could see what was going on under the water line. Volleyball would produce some very entertaining bouncing and wobbling boobs. I like the way your mind works.

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