CFNF boxing match punishment for a drug cheat

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No one likes a cheat. That is a lesson being learned by a boxing girl who tried to gain an unfair advantage in her sport by using performance enhancing drugs. Unfortunately for her the masking agent she used was not up to the task and her perfidy has been laid bare. Now the cheating girl has been laid bare too as the only way she can escape a lifetime ban is by agreeing to take part in a CFNF boxing match. From the look of things her opponent takes a dim view of drug cheats as she subjects the naked miscreant to a severe drubbing. Nor is there any sympathy to be had from the capacity crowd who are clearly really enjoying the sight of a disgraced drug cheat being punished completely nude in front of them as she is soundly thrashed in a bill topping CFNF boxing match.

CFNF boxing match
She’s really getting pounded in the ring.


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