CFNF boxing girls slogging it out in a one sided match

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When it comes to depictions of girls losing their clothes in combat situations there can be little doubt that the Japanese are absolute world beaters. There are even some JAV pugilistic encounters in which a babe may enter the fray without her clothes, thereby freeing her opponent from the need to strip her before giving her a sound drubbing. Here is a superb example of what I mean with a pair of CFNF boxing girls slugging it out in the ring. While I have to admit that this is not, strictly speaking, a CFNF video on account of the undressed combatant not being completely nude I would argue that her teeny tiny thong (which cannot even contain her bonsai bush) is so insignificant that this is as close to genuine CFNF as makes pretty much no difference. Often in such encounters the clothed combatant is distracted by the bouncing boobies on display, giving the opposition a considerable advantage. In this bout however, it is the unclad girl who very much gets the worst of things as she takes an epic pounding in the ring. If you enjoy this clip and find yourself craving more I think an internet search for BNGX Boxing Gaiden should turn up what you’re looking for. How I wish this sort of thing was not confined to the world of JAV and I doubt that I am alone in wanting to see CFNF boxing girls wowing the crowds at venues around the globe. That would be a surefire way to make the world a better place.


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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