CFNF beatdown being handed out to slavegirl Taylor Heart

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Now here is an example of bullying that has gotten right out of hand and no mistake. Hapless submissive Taylor Heart finds herself stripped stark naked and being subjected to a truly full on CFNF beatdown in this lezdom video from Shadow Slaves. Usually in BDSM videos we get to see a range of implements being unleashed on the subservient partner but the inexorable domme in this scenario demonstrates that when it comes to doling out a good old CFNF beatdown that, in the words of the song, all you need is Doctor Marten’s boots. In my younger days these iconic items of footwear were very much in vogue with individuals who enjoyed kicking people and that is precisely what is going on here as the malefic mistress uses them to rain down blows on the hapless sub’s vulnerable boobs and girl parts, all of which looks decidedly eye watering. This most basic form of punishment may lack finesse but no one can argue with its effectiveness. Small wonder that the tormented sub is racked with pitiful cries and whimpers of pain throughout the beating she is taking. You would imagine such a thrashing would have Taylor vowing to mend her ways in short order but I suspect that it won’t be too long before she earns herself another sound drubbing.


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