CFNF and CMNF scenes from The Unnamable Returns

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The latest addition to ENFdaily’s ENF from the movies collection features a selection of CFNF and CMNF scenes from the H P Lovecraft inspired cheesy horror flick The Unnamable Returns (aka The Unnamable II:The Statement of Randolph Carter) from 1992. The film starts to develop ENF appeal at around the 35 minute mark when the intrepid heroes manage to banish a demon from the human host it has occupied for the past three centuries. This leaves the host, Alyda Winthrop (played by nineties scream queen Maria Ford), not only free of the demon but also without any clothes. Because she is over 300 years old her hair has grown to great length to provide some modesty (although why her head hair would grow for all that time but not her body hair is a mystery; surely she ought to look like a Wookie). For the next twenty minutes or so Maria is naked with her boobs and bum constantly making teasing appearances from behind their hairy curtain in a series of CFNF and CMNF scenes culminating in a CFNF catfight with a girl (August West) who is trying to put some clothes on her in a sort of un-strip fight which at least has considerable novelty value. There surely can’t be many forced dressing scenes out there. Because much of Maria’s on screen nudity occurs in poorly lit locations such as catacombs I have only included the final six minutes when our intrepid heroes have brought her back to their dorm. Maria Ford fans will be pleased to know she can be seen doing topless kung fu in this post.


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