Caned on the bare bum in front of the class

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Good old fashioned school discipline is in full swing (no pun intended other than the obvious one) in this girl’s school as a misbehaved schoolgirl finds herself being caned on the bare bum in front of all her classmates by a vicious looking old harridan of a teacher. All the other girls are getting a great view of proceedings not only because the miscreant has been made to stand on a desk with her knickers round her knees but also because the caning is taking place in something that looks like a lecture theatre. Perhaps this is some sort of specially designed corporal punishment room to make sure all the other girls are left in no doubt as to the severity of the forfeit being paid. Really every school should have one of these. The variety of reactions being displayed by the onlookers is also a nice touch. Some look smug, some are laughing, some seem horrified while others cannot even bear to look as their comrade is caned on the bare bum without let or mercy. It is rather a shame there is nothing to identify the artist who, I am sure you will agree, deserves to be celebrated.

schoolgirl gets caned on the bare bum in front of the class


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