Boob boxing babes: the ideal Boxing Day entertainment

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The origins of Boxing Day are lost in the mists of time. If you search the internet you will find all sorts of theories about where the name comes from but in all cases it is a matter of speculation with little or no evidence to support it. When it comes to baseless speculation I can conjecture without the need for any evidence just as well as anyone else so here goes with my theory about how Boxing Day came by its name. My hypothesis is that in the distant past a spectacle was put on in the dark depths of winter to lift the spirits of the masses. The entertainment on offer was no less than a boob boxing tournament in which a host of bodacious babes would strip topless and engage one another in tit pummelling combat until at last one girl was declared the supreme boob boxing champion and lived like a queen for the following year. In the absence of even the flimsiest shred of evidence to support this theory (other than it involves the word boxing) I present this video of a pair of female pugilists engaged in this noble martial art which I think will surely make you wish the theory was true and indeed to wish that such a tradition might be revived in modern times. I doubt there is a single member of the ENF Community who would not love to be entertained by a brace of bare breasted babes engaged in bap bashing combat on Boxing Day (or any other day for that matter).


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