Bikini strip fight on the beach scene from the film Ginger

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The latest offering from ENFdaily’s embarrassed nude females at the movies collection comes from the 1971 sexpoitation film Ginger. The titular heroine, played by Cheri Caffaro, is a private investigator who is hired to bring down a criminal gang running a drug dealing and prostitution racket. While taking a break from her investigations to do a spot of sunbathing at the beach she is accosted by a gang of bikini clad bad girls intent on running her out of town. Ginger and the lead bad girl decide to settle the matter by having a bikini strip fight with the winner being whoever renders her opponent naked. The two bikini warriors at once set to with our heroine quickly gaining the upper hand to not only strip her adversary nude but also tie her up with her own bikini, leaving her naked and humiliated in the sand with the rest of the girl gang watching on and enjoying the show. Because of the film’s low budget the cinematography is rather poor and the high contrast between light and shadow makes the interesting bits a tad hard to make out at points which detracts somewhat from what is otherwise an impressive bikini strip fight scene. The good news is that this film made its producers so much money that they went on to make two more films following the adventures of crime fighting super sleuth Ginger McAllister (The Abductors and Girls Are for Loving in 1972 and 1973) which had higher production values and just as much gratuitous female nudity some of which I hope to feature on this site in future posts.

If only disagreements between girls were always settled this way.


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