Bikini oops babes spilling out of their swimwear in public

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Way back in 1946, as Europe celebrated new freedoms following the end of the Second World War, French fashion designer Louis Réard caused uproar by unveiling the world’s first ever bikini. It was, he declared, “smaller than the world’s smallest bathing suit” and he set a standard for bikini production with the proviso that a bikini was not genuine unless “it could be pulled through a wedding ring.” So revealing was this new item of swimwear that no model could be found to wear it in public so that honour fell to a saucy showgirl by the name of Micheline Bernardini. I can only assume that M. Réard was a very forward thinking member of the ENF community, given the delight his invention has brought in the form of bikini oops incidents too numerous to count. Sadly history has not recorded when the first such embarrassing event occurred but it’s a fair bet that the public didn’t have long to wait for the first bikini wearing babe to feel the cool caress of fresh air on parts of her anatomy which had, only a second before, been covered from public view. Since then this iconic item of swimwear has delighted generations of ENF and EUF fans as an endless succession of embarrassed females have fallen victim to bikini oops incidents. So to honour the genius of Louis Réard here is a gallery celebrating his masterpiece. Enjoy.

bikini oops 01
bikini oops 02
bikini oops 03
bikini oops 04
bikini oops 05
bikini oops 06
swimwear ENF 01
swimwear ENF 02
swimwear ENF 03
swimwear ENF 04
swimwear ENF 05
swimwear ENF 06


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  1. The risks of the bikini. One of the reasons that I go topless if I can. If my boobs are going to get out, let them be out all the time and feel the suj on them.

    Nice collection of accidental nudity.

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