Astrid Frank nude CFNF CMNF shower scene in Au Pair Girls

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As a follow up to this post which featured a nude scene by Gabrielle Drake in the film Au Pair Girls here is another clip from the same movie which features another of the titular au pairs in a state of undress as we get to see Astrid Frank nude and wet when she decides to take a shower in front of her (very prudish) host family. I know that’s two posts about the same film in fairly short order but this scene is such a gem I just had to share it with you all. Besides which the sight of Astrid Frank nude and glistening is so entrancing that I really can’t see anyone complaining about it, especially given that the way that her boobs bounce and jiggle every time she moves is absolutely delicious. Quite frankly I could watch her showering all day. This is by no means her only nude scene in the movie but it is certainly my favourite. In fact all four of the film’s au pairs have nude scenes and most of them get naked more than once but if you want to check out all that scrumptious female flesh you will just have to see the film for yourselves. It seems almost impossible to believe in the modern age that there was a time when natural beauties like Astrid regularly appeared naked in mainstream entertainment as a matter of course but I assure you that such was the case and the world was a more joyous place for it.


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