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Surely we have all dreamed of having a harem of unclothed cuties at our beck and call. Well, here is an assorted CMNF gallery of bared babes displayed to fully clothed and clearly happy chaps to stimulate the ENF imagination and, hopefully, bring you sweet dreams. Are these bared babes not a delight to behold? As ever, I have tried to reach out beyond the ENF Community to provide a few useful ideas to society in general. For example; given that libraries are falling into disuse as people do more and more of their reading online I think the trend could be reversed by the deployment of luscious librarian babes going about their work naked as shown here. Or perhaps people might be encouraged to get out and about in the fresh air more often if CMNF (and indeed CFNF) picnics were to become a thing. That picture of a naughty nude girl hiding behind a tree also seems like ideal inspiration to go out into the woods on the off chance of spotting one of these shy and enchanting creatures. More fun than Pokemon hunting any day of the week I reckon. As usual I expect these useful tips for a better life will fall on deaf ears but at least no one can say that we ENF enthusiasts don’t do our best to make the world a happier place. In any event I am confident that members of the ENF Community will enjoy this assorted CMNF gallery so my time has not been wasted.

assorted CMNF 06 - Kami Robertson
naked harem girls
nude girl in the woods
assorted CMNF 01
assorted CMNF 02
naked female prisoners
naked girls at a picnic
assorted CMNF 04
assorted CMNF 03
girl naked in the library
Susan Ivanova naked aboard Babylon 5
assorted CMNF 05


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