Anime lezdom for an audience from Vanquished Queens

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When it comes to ecchi ENF Queen’s Blade is the gift that just keeps on giving. Following on from previous examples featured on this site here is another great scene from the Vanquished Queens OVA spin off. Here we see the (not yet vanquished) Queen Aldra, leader of the Assassins of the Fang, having some some anime lezdom fun with one of her army of slayers: the unfortunate Irma. Having just turned one of the assassins to stone with her evil eye for not coming up to scratch Aldra calls Irma out in front of all the other Fang babes to subject her to some hardcore humiliation for no reason other than her own sadistic amusement. Not content with groping the understandably apprehensive Irma’s boobs she also makes her kneel down to lick the implacable queen’s throbbing sword strapon. When it comes to anime lezdom action I reckon this scene really ticks all the boxes, being one of the best I have seen to date. That said, there is always room for improvement and you may rest assured that my quest for yet more girl on girl ecchi domination will continue unabated and anything I find I will be only too happy to share with all you fans of saucy anime shenanigans. If anyone has any particular suggestions on that front by all means feel free to leave a comment.


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