Anime discipline scene with a priestess tied up and spanked

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When it comes to scenes of ecchi embarrassment Queen’s Blade is the gift that just keeps on giving. Various characters from the series have previously graced the pages of this blog in various states of undress. Today you can enjoy another bared babe from the Queen’s Blade universe in the form of Sword Saint Priestess Tomoe. It seems this stoical and meticulous paragon of virtue is having a spot of bother achieving enlightenment and is therefore in need of some anime discipline to help her attain her goal. And you, gentle reader, have been chosen to administer the discipline in question. As all members of the ENF Community are always keen to help I have no doubt that you would leap at the chance to assist a devout priestess in her quest for nirvana by tying her up and giving her a sound spanking. Clearly it’s the decent thing to do. Alas it seems even this is not quite enough anime discipline to produce the required result so you’re just going to have to give her a good drenching too. But then I suppose if you want to help a girl achieve ultimate bliss then getting her wet is going to be part of the process. She certainly seems to be very grateful for all your hard work which I’m sure you will find gratifying. Well done you.


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