Anime catfight loser is publicly stripped by the winner

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I do enjoy a good anime catfight and I think this one is a particularly fine example. This clip is taken from the 2011 series Freezing (episode three to be exact) which chronicles the adventures of a group of super powered schoolgirls known as Pandoras who use their abilities to protect humanity from unpleasant eldritch beings called Nova. When they are not battling Nova the Pandoras are given to squabbling with one another which gives rise to quite a number of clothes shredding combat incidents. In this scene second year student prodigy Satelizer el Bridgit (aka The Untouchable Queen) has incurred the ire of third year Kannazuki Miyabi who is not content with simply defeating her opponent in combat but wishes to thoroughly shame her too. “I’ll force you to dine on a full course of humiliation until you damned well choke,” the malefic Miss Miyabi informs her adversary. This proves to be no idle boast as Satelizer is not only comprehensively defeated but also publicly stripped by her implacable nemesis while she is powerless to resist. I think this is quite probably the best anime CFNF public forced stripping scene that I have ever had the pleasure to watch (and, believe me, I’ve watched a fair few). In my opinion it would have been a nice touch if Kannazuki had given her fallen foe a good spanking after pulling her knickers down in front of everyone but then I always want yet more ENF action. Apart from this gem Freezing has a number of other clothes ripping babe on babe battles which I reckon makes it a must see for all anime catfight fans.


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    • I struggle to follow the plot too. Perhaps it is all just an excuse to have loads of clothes ripping catfights (not that I’m suggesting that is a bad thing).