Alien CMNF scene from Zeta One with saucy space babes

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The 1960s provided a feast of surreal ENF fun for future generations to enjoy (which was probably something to do with the Permissive Society and taking an awful lot of mind altering chemicals). Today’s offering is a clip from the 1969 British sci-fi sex comedy (a genre which has not been exploited anywhere near enough, at least in the opinion of Your Humble Blogger) Zeta One (aka The Love Factor). The plot, such as it is, revolves around the activities of a race of space Amazons from the planet Angvia (no prizes for guessing what that’s an anagram of) who visit Earth on missions to recruit fit and healthy young human females to swell their ranks (along with the occasional lucky chap who gets whisked away for breeding purposes). For reasons that are never explained these space babes are embroiled in a feud with a group of misogynistic fellows who quite inexplicably object to capable independent women abducting men and plying them with aphrodisiacs as a prelude to frenzied bacchanalian orgies not seen since the days of ancient Rome. Oh well, no accounting for taste I suppose. This (along with the investigations of a James Bond type character) gives rise to a number of alien CMNF encounters such as in this clip where one of the Angvians has been captured by the bad guys and makes a break for freedom while an elite squad of Angvian warriors are dispatched to rescue her. Happily the Angvian warrior’s combat attire consists of nothing more than a loin cloth and some pasties so we get to see plenty of bouncing boobies in the ensuing alien CMNF melee. If you value gratuitous female nudity above plot, characterisation, acting or production values then I can warmly recommend Zeta One for your viewing pleasure.


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