Accidental exposure: unwitting girls revealing themselves

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It is always an enchanting sight when a girl reveals more of herself than she meant to as a result of some sort of accidental exposure. Of course such situations give rise to certain ethical questions. Should I alert her to what is going on or say nothing and simply enjoy the view? Is she really unaware of how much she is showing or is she a saucy minx who is secretly doing it on purpose? I will leave you to ponder the answers to these questions as you peruse this gallery of partially exposed beauties.

Oops girl 06
Accidental exposure 01
Accidental exposure 02
Oops girl 05
Accidental exposure 05
Accidental exposure 03
Accidental exposure 06
Oops girl 01
Oops girl 02
Oops girl 04
Accidental exposure 04
Oops girl 03


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