3D ENF art of embarrassed nude females in various scenarios

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For many years now Your Humble Blogger has searched high and low for new examples of ENF to add to the collection. Many of my favourite finds have come from the world of manga and from various other artistic depictions of embarrassed nude females. The reason for this is simple; without being constrained by budgetary concerns the only limit to the ENF possibilities is the artist’s own imagination, a view which I think is nicely demonstrated by this collection of 3D ENF art. In only a dozen pictures we can see ENF scenarios being enacted in the home, in the workplace, at school, in a medical institution and in public with fans of both CFNF and CMNF being sure to see something they like. Unfortunately I do not know which artist or artists created these splendid works of 3D ENF art so if anyone out there in ENF land could furnish me with any information on that front I would be only too happy to give credit where it is due. After all, if someone takes the time and trouble to stimulate our ENF glands then it seems only fair to recognise their efforts and I think you will surely agree that this selection really does hit the spot.

nude presentation
cmnf classroom 01
3d enf art 01
3d enf art 02
3d enf art 03
3d enf art 04
enf party game
cmnf hypnosis
cmnf cfnf asylum
cmnf 01
3d enf art 05
3d enf art 06


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  1. The first one is great. Obviusly is the new intern showing her skills and why she is a good asset to the company.

    The classroom is good too but I think that it lacks the presence of male students. The boys will apreciate the new policy of no uniforms and be able to discover the form of the boobs of their friends and if the have a hairy bush.